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Best Endeavors Services

Best Endeavors provides a model less focused on traditional academic methods which allows even the most disengaged learner to benefit. Our philosophy seeks to instill a love of learning that does not end when a learner’s education is completed.


Home-school Program/Open Education Program

Best Endeavors has two programs, home-school program and open education program.

Home-school families choose their own curriculum and has the option to submit a schedule that works for the family. Open education enrollees attend Monday through Friday. This program allows learners to participate in interactive activities, non-required classes, projects

& free play.

Entrepreneur Enterprises/Emotional Well-being

Entrepreneur Enterprises is an ongoing feature offered using resources geared towards young entrepreneurs with big ideas. Learners are introduced to basic business vocabulary, brainstorm ideas, create a business plans, create a marketing campaigns, including logos and slogans.

Emotional Well-being includes multi-sensory & gross motor areas accessi

ble to members as a therapeutic mechanism to calm and/or encourage movement.

Our learners are free to measure their own success.

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