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About Best Endeavors

Philosophy:  We believe the experience individuals have in their educational career can set the tone for their life. Every learner regardless of performance level deserves an environment that encourages competence, high morale and self-awareness.

Mission: We support homeschoolers and disengaged youth in a non-traditional  education community to awaken their intelligence and find their purpose. We provide a multitude of learning techniques and interwoven practices as well as exposure to a vast number of experiences in a pressure-free, learner-led environment allowing not only educational needs to be met, but personal growth.

Vision: Our culture offers youth of all academic ranges a meaningful educational experience allowing them to be confident in developing their talents, following their passions and measuring their success. 

Value statement:  We commit ourselves to ensuring a conducive atmosphere for relationship building, collaboration and a meaningful journey for the learner.

Supporting our learning community:  Best Endeavors understands that the model is radically different from what most are accustomed to and we anticipate parents, learners and coaches will have some challenges and need time to adjust. Best Endeavors will support the learning community by addressing questions, concerns and conflicts relating to the model.

Something ventured, something gained: When a learner leaves Best Endeavors we hope they have acquired the skills necessary to nurture their essence for life’s journey.

Special elements that we believe are conducive to establishing such an environment:

     (1) Parent hosts and volunteers

     (2) alliance between coach, learner and parent

     (3) promoting an emotional healthy environment

     (4) building a network of community resources



Best Endeavors is a close knit learning community. We encourage coach to learner, learner to learner, coach to parent, parent to parent and coach to coach communities. We cultivate a 21st century community of collaborators, innovators and adventurers engaged in meaningful and useful learning. We give learners at all performance levels the opportunity to exist in a non-coercive, learner-led environment that fuels the human spirit. It is our desire to help learners meet their fullest potential by supporting and exploring personal proficiency, creativity and emotional expression.

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