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Updated: Feb 27, 2019

How many times have you heard the expression “parent involvement”? This term refers to the amount of participation a parent has when it comes to their children’s education. Studies show a strong relationship between parent involvement and educational outcomes. It should follow parents that oversee their children's complete education (home school) would render the best results.

Most parents aren't aware they have educational options such as homeschooling and oftentimes don't believe they have the authority or skills to manage their children's education. And it doesn't help when people say things to discourage homeschooling. Parents considering educational options will definitely encounter those with anti-homeschooling views supplying them with misinformation. This is true of the general population as well as some education establishments. Don't let fear stop you from considering the possibility that something different might work for your family.

Eighty percent of learning happens informally in families and communities. The key to success is doing your research, blocking out what others say and most importantly do what you think is best for your children. Give yourself permission to grow into home-school knowledge. You are qualified and capable of homeschooling your children. There will be times when you question your decision, when you make mistakes, and when you second-guess your abilities. There is no right way to home-school. There is only you and your relationship with your children. It's not about being sure you are right. It's about creating a more viable life situation for your children’s future. This road may start with educating your children outside of conventional education. The ultimate parent involvement decision puts you in charge of the learning process and exposes families to experiences not likely gained otherwise.

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