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Updated: Jan 29, 2019

There are many misconceptions about homeschooling:

  • Home-school students don't get socialization.

  • It's not legal to home-school a child with an IEP.

  • Colleges won’t accept a home-schooled student.

  • Parents are not qualified to home-school their children.

Some of these misconceptions can be corrected by researching home-school laws. Home-school laws vary depending on which state you are in. Some misconceptions are just assumptions or information stemming from sources that do not understand or support the home-school community.

Illinois is a free home-school state. This means there are virtually no requirements to home-school in this state. In Illinois your home-school will be treated as a private school. As a private school, Illinois requires you to provide “adequate course of instruction” covering general branches of education. The term “adequate course of instruction” can be interpreted as informal instruction. For instance, language arts could be a trip to the library.

Some sources use language that might confuse what is required from what is recommended. For instance terms used in conjunction with “should” and “must” indicate whether there's a requirement. In some states parents “must” have a high school diploma to home-school, in Illinois it is recommended.

Correcting Misconceptions

  • Home-school students get plenty of socialization. The home-school community is vast and definitely not lacking in support. Your nearest home-school group is just a "google" away.

  • Parents have every right to home-school a child with an IEP. Many parents choose to home-school because their neighborhood schools are unable to satisfactorily support special needs.

  • Colleges are happy to have home-school students apply to their college. In fact colleges are now looking to recruit home-educated students more than ever.

  • There are no qualifications in Illinois for a parent to home-school. If you're capable of caring for your child before they enter school, then you're capable of home educating your child. Parents are their child's first teachers and already read to them as well as help them with homework and school projects. Just keep going!

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