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The road less traveled

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

As a parent we wonder if the decisions we make regarding our children’s well-being are best. Most parents probably feel this way at times, but second guessing every decision can cause nothing to get done.

I started the journey to alternative education when my son was in fourth grade. Although not failing at the time, his grades and behavior needed improvement. My many attempts to work with the school regarding the support he needed ended with me being unimpressed with the way the school handled the situation. After being encouraged by the school to put my son on medication, I started to wonder what other options were out there. Because he was struggling in the mainstream school system, I wanted to explore an alternative way to educate him. I found several schools that offered a learner-centered educational approach that was more in line with my beliefs and core values. For the first time something felt right and I trusted it would work out. My son's father on the other hand was not a proponent of alternative education, which made for a much bumpier ride. After a year at a progressive school and some homeschooling, fast forward to today. My son is in ninth grade at a traditional high school (his decision). He is still having difficulties in school despite everything we have been through in the past few years.

My hope is to offer an alternative situation for every child with ongoing challenges in school or families looking to find an environment that better meet the needs of their children. This kind of decision requires a lot of thought and discussion as a family. So for all the families looking to take a different road, let me leave you with a quote.

"May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears". - Nelson Mandela

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