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  • Lesly Washington

Why I'm starting a south side alternative learning community?

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Have you ever thought,"There has to be a better education option for my family?" What about, "This school sounds great, if only not for the costly tuition and timely commute.

How do you as a parent ensure your children are provided with the tools they need to have a meaningful life? I believe the experience a young individual has in their academic career can set the tone for their life. Finding the right educational fit for your child’s personality, temperament and learning style will help determine success in the future. Their learning environment should enable them to develop traits that are key to achieving success, feel comfortable learning new things, confident enough to rely on their own judgment and capable of pursuing their interests. If learners are given the opportunity and right circumstances to acquire necessary skills then, “The sky will be their limit”. But so often this is not the case and “The sky's the limit” potential is never cultivated. Starting this learning community is a way for me to help young individuals meet that great potential.

A democratic education can provide a path in which creative and analytical thinking sparks curiosity, imagination, and love of lifetime learning, as well as teaches individuals to navigate socially with peers and adults. Parents are the first educator to help develop confidence and self-esteem, to believe in education, letting them know that they are intelligent and capable of reaching their dreams and goals. My learning community will be the option for an outdated and broken public education system or a costly private education for your family.

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